Forrest MacDonald
This body of work was created for an exhibition
"Art in Odd Places" in Orlando, Florida

Sept 17th-20th, 2015

Is a series of fourteen freestanding sculptures, I have cast white concrete hands in various formations protruding from 4" white PVC pipes and held in place with raw concrete cinder blocks.

In each piece my attempt was also to inspire an awareness or exchange of ideas about global issues. Inspirations for this project came from subjects ranging from recycling, GMO labeling, stormwater runoffs, homelessness, nationalism, race, human rights and surveillance.

The sculptures were on display along a four block radius on Magnolia Avenue, from Anderson Street to Washington Street in downtown Orlando from Sept 17th thru Sept 20th, 2015

"For me, the fun was in creating art out of often overlooked simple urban elements and tuck them along sidewalks in downtown Orlando where the passer by could happen upon them."