Forrest MacDonald
Is a series of large-scale canvases inspired by the graffiti and sticker art of international street culture and emblematic of a world in lockdown. The origin for this new work lies in MacDonald’s own photographs of street signs, graffiti and pop culture sticker art taken during pre-pandemic travels. Photoshop facilitates the reduction of forms and the removal of color from these photographs. The new graphics are then digitally collaged together to create a completely reimagined street scene that is printed onto long canvas sheets.

Once the scenes are printed and tacked to the wall the painting begins. Only the darkest black and shades of grey are used so as not to distract from the intricate details. Negative space is used sparingly, and great care is taken to ensure the viewer’s eye is well-occupied. Ultimately, the completed canvas is adhered directly to the wall – stretchers and frames restrict the work.

is a visual dialogue between artist and viewer as both attempt to see life beyond the pandemic. The imagined street scenes feel familiar, but are suspended in time, in limbo between pre- and post-virus. MacDonald’s unique creative process transfers the art of the street to the gallery space and satisfies a longing to return to the outside world. Accessibility is key; the medium and display method may be as ordinary as wallpaper, but the result is as personal as one’s own neighborhood and all the feelings and memories contained therein.